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Get in shape
Beat tiredness
Increase productivity
Make the time to self-care
well-being coaches
Health care helps to define a health strategy, achieve medical and personal goals. It includes nutrition, lifestyle, habits, and your lab indicators.
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What does the health coach help with?
without losing focus at work, family, and domestic responsibilities
Make time and explore resources to feel better
Beat tiredness and increase productivity
with scientifically proven and verified methods
Change habits and lifestyles
focusing on your goals and preference
Extend the lifespan and improve quality of life
With a focus on mental health and personal risks
Design and create a better body
get your confidence back without exhausting diets and physical stress
Kale is a service with specialists that supports people with health management. Our knowledgeable team includes highly qualified and successful nutritionists, dieticians, anti-age therapists, and many others.

All of them are highly qualified, successful and experienced experts confirmed by clients
What is Kale?
Verification of diplomas and professional reputation
Each specialist provides us with a diploma, which you can familiarise yourself with at any time
Face-to-face interview with the specialist to test practical skills
Each specialist provides us with a diploma, which you can familiarize yourself with at any time
A thorough audit of a professional career
We request three cases at least and clarify their actuality from clients
Our selection process
Only 1 in 5 coaches passes our selection process before being invited to join our medical team and get access to the platform
How does it work?
Предложим подходящих специалистов и поможем, если будет сложно определиться
Выбери коуча
Tell us about yourself, goals, and preferences; the more details you provide, the more accurate the result will be
First, fill in the form
We will offer you at least 3 specialists who have proven positive experience based on your request
Second, explore options
if you face any problems, we are here to help you and answer the questions
Third, choose a coach and convenient time
Find a coach
Choose the rate option that's right for you

One-to-one virtual consultation
60 minutes
1 month subscription
5 consultations / 60 minutes
Kale makes your health management easier and more convenient
Do not worry about the qualification of a specialist since we have checked everything and are ready to tell you

We offer you qualified healthcare professionals
Schedule and reschedule appointments in the way it is convenient for you

We save your time

Our goal is for our customers to be happy and healthy (if the provided service doesn't satisfy you, we return a full money-back guarantee or offer you another coach)
We control the quality and protect your interests
Money is debited automatically and a coach gets it after our confirmation
We make the payment process secure
Let's get started right now and book one free consultation today
Two consultation for one
• Making contact with coach
• Make request
• Feel first changes
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Enjoy life with us
Enjoy life with us
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