Strong mental health of the team is the main secret of success

Our psychologists, health coaches and doctors will help your employees in real time via chat, video or audio.
To protect the mental and physical health of your employees, our developments based on artificial intelligence technology and only scientifically proven methods.

Wellbeing coach Kale

Start the mental transformation of the team with coach Kale

We don't charge until the end of the trial period.
You can cancel at any time.
free trial 30 days
price starts from

in year
Maintenance • Introspection tools • Lots of content • Care service support • Progress monitoring and understanding • Booking • Assignments

Support your employees immediately.
With Kale.

The fastest and most simple way to work with mental health in all areas: content, chat and video consultations at any time.
Happy employees make 13% more sales and
are 19% more accurate
at completing tasks.
79% of employees of large corporations are ready to refuse salary increases for the sake of corporate benefits. And among the younger generation (18-34 years old) there are 89% of them.
Happy employees are almost three times less likely to look for work
Already developing their employees
with our mental buddy
and +2500 more employees

Just imagine that you have a tool that has everything for mental and physical health at once.

unlimited chats with psychologists, health coaches and doctors

online video consultations with psychologists, health coaches and doctors

daily useful podcasts and tasks, HR dashboards and assessment of the dynamics

smart mental buddy Kale can do all this and much more

All kinds of activities for new victories of your team

We have collected the most effective practices and easy-to-learn methods
Every day we share the best audio and video practices about the most important skills
With gentle prompts and
reminders, support is always
just a few steps away.
Nobody has to wait for anything.
Chat with experts available
Cultivate good habits
Remove all roadblocks
Simplifying Support
Classic scientifically proven approaches
Booking for individual
consultations with psychologists
in two clicks
And now the most important thing, we are ready to give you a whole month to try everything for free
It's a pleasure to work with us
A dedicated team of 5 specialists will help you quickly and efficiently implement a well-being project in your company.
For teams of ten members
Dedicated wellbeing
With Kale, you get clear and really useful information and reports in the format of convenient interactive dashboards.
HR dashboards
With us, any option is possible: payment for actually conducted sessions or a subscription fee for a package of services - it's up to you
Pay per package
or per use
You yourself choose a comfortable format: periodic sessions at the expense of the company, a fixed percentage of each session or one hundred percent compensation
For teams of ten members
Arbitrary Compensation
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